Diversify your offerings with online courses

Distribute a variety of online training experiences without sacrificing the intimacy of your one-on-one services.

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Go beyond courses.
Create hybrid training experiences.

Online courses, group coaching programs, resource libraries, training hubs, mastermind experiences, mentorship programs...

Doki interface courses listing
Doki interface courses listing

There are so many ways to harness the power of online training in your service business. Doki handles the tech so you don’t have to.

What do you want to create?

Check out some of the many ways our customers use Doki:

Available Anytime

Make a self-study course that is available for sale anytime. Simply connect your Stripe account and publish your course!

Dripped or Open Access

Your evergreen course can be automated to drip out over a time that you choose, or it can be available all at once.

Low Maintenance

With evergreen courses you can “set it and forget it,” so you can sell courses even if you’re on the road, or on vacation!

Headshot of Doki Customer Christine Thatcher

As I shift to teaching, Doki has helped boost credibility and trust in my brand, which is super important to me! What I love about Doki is being able to create one set of content and sell it at multiple levels. Creating payment plans was SO easy and the checkout page looks nice and professional. Since switching to Doki, I have had zero technical issues. Every student has been able to purchase, login, and access what they need.

Christine Thatcher Designing to Delight

Diversify your offerings

Creatively package and bundle your online course in endless formats

With a few clicks, you can package your online course into a variety of formats and pricepoints.

You can limit modules, offer dripped courses alongside resource libraries, or bundle it with coaching, mentorship, group calls, or webinars to create different value-added offerings.

Bundle courses in multiple format

How it works

Image of Doki's content editor

1 Create Your Content

Design your program's curriculum using text, images, video, audio, and more. Attach lesson resources and completion checklists. Simple interfaces allow for crafting, organizing, and publishing your content.

Brand Your Experience

2 Brand Your Experience

Doki provides you with auto-generated landing and checkout pages with widgets for testimonials, FAQs, and mailing list sign-ups. Simple design tools help you match your brand colors and images.

Image of Doki's delivery options

3 Choose Delivery Style

Bundle your content into different formats and price points. Sell your course as a self-guided evergreen, run it on a dripped class schedule, or create an always-accessible resource library. Do all three at the same time and more!

Image of Doki's sales dashboard

4 Publish, Sell, Deliver

Connect to Stripe with one click to begin selling immediately and getting paid quickly. Offer access to your programs on a subscription basis, discount with coupons, or provide customers with payment plans.

Track students and integration with Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and ConvertKit

5 Integrate and Track

Track when students access and complete modules. Create invites to onboard new students. Use class schedules to deliver drip programs to mentorship groups and masterminds. Connect with Google Analytics, MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Stripe. Automate all this and more with our Zapier app.

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