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Doki is an Online Course Platform designed for entrepreneurs like you

Our online course platform helps you sell and deliver online courses quickly and easily in a variety of formats, no matter what kind of online course you're looking to create.

  • Dripped Schedule

    Release content modules over time on a repeating interval, starting when the customer buys.

  • Class Schedule

    Drip course content on your own schedule starting on a specific date.

  • Resource Library

    Add content as you go, giving students immediate access to all content.

  • Self-Guided Online Courses

    Students can unlock and can access online course content at their own pace.

Here are just a few of the online course delivery features our platform has to offer:

Evergreen online courses or time-based launches

Whether you want to make your course available anytime (evergreen), or build up hype for your launch, you can deliver your online course however you want with our unique online course packaging system.

  • Choose your delivery style (open-access, evergreen, dripped, scheduled, etc).
  • Choose what content to include (limit your online course modules to specific packages).
  • Offer different price points, payment plans, or subscriptions.
  • Limit student seats, limit access by date, or limit access by time.
  • Redirect to waiting list pages when your online course is sold out.

Want multiple variations or packages of your course? No need to duplicate your online course; simply create a new package and adjust the settings. You can even run multiple delivery styles at the same time!

Use your online course to upsell other services

Our online course platform makes it super easy to deliver different versions of your online course. You can create different "tiers" or unique offers that allow you to create upsells or different levels of access to your services.

This is a great way to sell individual coaching sessions or a group coaching program alongside a self-study online course to offer more value to your students.

Packaging system

Sell your online course using our landing pages or yours

If you already have your own website and sales pages, you can link your "Buy Now" buttons to Doki's purchase pages which integrate with Stripe.

You can also sell your online course through Paypal or other payment systems, and invite students to redeem their accounts via invite code, or by importing their emails into Doki's student management system.

Limit access to your online course by date, time, or seats

Doki makes it easy to limit access to each package of your online course by date, time, or by available seats. You can give students access to your course content for set period of time, or until a specific date.

This allows you to sell limited access to a VIP tier of your online course without worrying about selling more spots that you can realistically deliver!

As soon as you sell all available seats of your online course, Doki can display "Sold Out," hide from landing page once sold out, or redirect the checkout page automatically.

Sell your online course using payment plans or coupon codes

Make it easier for customers to buy your online course by creating payment plans or subscriptions. Students will have their access to your course revoked if their credit card payment doesn't go through (after a few automatic attempts and notifications to your student, of course!).

You can even use your own unique coupon codes, and create discounts by % or amount.

Give students access to multiple online courses

Image of multiple courses

Our online course platform provides beautiful course landing pages that allow students to track their progress across multiple courses, and within courses themselves.

Image of course units

Image of taking a course

Doki also had a global resource library that allows you to create resources that you can refer to throughout your course. If you need to change that resource in the future, you can change it ONCE, and it will update every instance.

Create unique welcome pages per package

Let's say you want to deliver an online course that has a self-study evergreen version, as well as a live group coaching version. You can customize your online course welcome pages on a per package basis, so that folks in your VIP coaching tier get a unique welcome area that might include additional fancy resources, or a link to book a one-on-one session with you.

Deliver your online course to a small group behind the scenes while you test your offer

Image showing different package access levels

Doki allows you to control at a granular level how visible your online course sales pages will be, so you can sell courses by sharing a direct link, without it being publicly available or even findable on the web!

Deliver online courses quickly and easily

You bring your content, our online course platform takes care of the rest. Payments. Delivery. Security. Logins. "Forgot Password" inquiries.

If you have created an online course and you are ready to deliver, our online course platform helps you package, sell, and deliver your online course quickly and easily.

See why our customers think that Doki's online course platform is the best:

Headshot of Doki Customer Christine Thatcher

What I love about Doki is being able to create one set of content and sell it at multiple levels. Creating payment plans was SO easy and the checkout page looks nice and professional. Since switching to Doki, I have had zero technical issues. Every student has been able to purchase, login, and access what they need.

Christine Thatcher Designing to Delight
Headshot of Doki Customer Breathing Deeply

Doki has changed our online school. Its simple, easy to use interface makes both the student and administrator experience clean and easy. I'd recommend Doki to anyone looking for straight forward solutions to delivering online courses.

Brandt Passalacqua Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy

Doki is an easy-to-use online course platform that can get you quickly launching a high quality online course experience without all the stress.

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